Signage Design Matters

With regard to the design of a single version of the production requirements

1. Please convert all the text to curves(we probably haven’t your fonts and typestyles) Label or the signs please be represented by a Vector Graph.(Single-color Screen printing is our major technics) If the figures are very complex and there is only bitmap format in your whole page, We could change the design for you .But the delivery time possibly will be extended and we charge extra fee for this service. We would prefer you to use COREDRAW / ILLUSTRATOR software, because we principally use these two. 9 or 11 are better for COREDRAW. Save to CDR (Version Restrictions) format, CMX (No Version Restrictions) is available, but unexpected inaccuracies may possibly occur.
Other software like ILLUSTRATOR, FREEHAND, please save to AI, EPS format.

2. Aluminum Finishes, text & graph Screen printing are two of our most useful craft. In order to meet your specific requirements, please provide us the accurate color card.(We prefer painting card. Without painting card, please select Roadease-guidance’s standard colors,tell us the card number.) The materials of inks, screen paints and coatings are different.(include gloss-paint, matte-paint, metallipaint, custom-paint.) When selecting any kind of paint, confirm with our sale manager. Color appearance may vary slightly depending upon application, because of the different kind of inks. Second process of firing will vary the color appearance slightly, so we suggest processing the product at one time as far as possible. Otherwise, we suggest that you request actual samples for further fabrication.